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4th of July Week- Happy Project Week 4  

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Here is another 4th of July- national celebration for independence. I like the independence day because it reminds me of the spirit of the American dream, a time for fireworks and a time to rethink one's dream.
This week went away slowly and quickly. I did a half-day home-office on Tuesday due to the premenstrual period symptoms. Mrs. J said that I was lucky to have a job that allowed me to do so. That's right. One thing I should be thankful towards this job, and one of my colleagues even told me to go home the next day if I still feel uncomfortable.
Monday- Day of Meetings
After our routinely weekly planning meeting, we discussed with one of my previous colleagues from the university about technical development preparing for the big manufacturing show in September. Until we invited my famous technical colleague into the meeting, everything has been pretty clear and simple. However, when he was included, the topic started to get messy and huge, extending my previous preparation plan. It is always good to explore further for the sake of development, however, what I learned and what I intend to do in the business world is also to be practical - in terms of time and capital. Yes, we can extend amazingly for the sake of this show, under the premise to invest extra time and capital. However, questions to ask before doing so: does this align with the company's overall plan in the short term? Will we get all the support needed from other teams? Will the boss still be approval once he knows about the massive plan and possible investments needed? I am not being pessimistic here, but based on my observation in this company so far, the answers are no to every single questions. For small businesses, business is practical and there is no R&D team that can afford investing too much extra resources without a specific customer need. Instead, focusing on current customers to lay a solid foundation makes more difference.
In the afternoon, I got arranged by a colleague to lead a meeting with one of our partners. This happened so all of a sudden and I was somewhat anxious. Luckily, though flaws there were, it went smoothly and I did my follow-ups the next day.
One of my colleagues, during whose absence I lead one project for him, returned from the World-cup trip in Brazil. He spoke really high of that country, saying that every person is friendly and it was a very beautiful country, maybe his favorite so far. He highly recommended everyone to go there once opportunity comes. A trip can expend your horizon, however , it seldom changes you as a person. My same colleague who told me that the African trip changed him as a person, after which he didn't even waster a drop of water. This time, I was a little bit disappointed with no change of expression on his face. Later, I debriefed him on the project progress he has missed, which I learned the importance later. The next day when I was sick, he can then take my place to host the meeting with customers. It is important to always have backup plan/ person so that after one leaves, there is still a team what can continue.
By the end of the day, when I consulted with my boss about the technical capacities we wanna to invest for the show prep. He said that if our technical head can do that with no problem, we can expand. Otherwise, we will sacrifice the amazing plan and go practical. I was expecting an answer like this. However, when he said that we can sacrifice with such an easy and frank attitude, I was till astonished, at how objective, non-emotional and powerful can one be. Those are the characteristics needed in a leader.
Tuesday- Day at Home
I had to ask for a day at home due to physical sickness. It was not too bad at first and I was till hesitating whether I should go to work or not, then by the middle of the day, I don't regret my decision of staying at home. I read from a book when I was younger that girls should learn to live with PMS because no boss will offer you a day-off during this time. Despite the fact, however, you should ask for a vocation day just to take care of yourself. That's what I did. There is always work to do, but most of the things are still functioning well with your absence just for one day per month.
Wednesday - Good to be back
Leaving office after 6pm, this was the time when I was not feeling too bad about working over time. As long as you are healthy and can afford working over time, you can always look on the bright side to adjust yourself and learn the most from your job.
My boss asked about my highlights of the day in the end. I told him that I was trying to finish as much as I can before my other colleague goes onsite so that he can do less and be more efficient over there. He was kidding with the conclusion that I was doing the legwork. That's true and that's inevitable. For every huge project, enough leg work is needed to lay the basis. However, along your career path, you don't want to be the one always performing the leg work that can be done by most people, you want to be the one to put in more creativity and mental intelligence so that less people can replace you. I was thinking, as sensitive as myself,  I will feel hurt by the term leg work if this is to be my career. Somehow, I was relieved that this was just something to experience. Therefore, I came home happily after all those leg work.
Thursday - Day before Holiday
With the next being July 4th, our office was almost empty. One of my colleagues stayed at home and came a call from my boss telling us that he was doing home office. With an almost empty office, those of us who were in were somewhat relaxed more than usual. My customer call got cancelled due to the fact that our customer was off though no notice for us.
In the afternoon, I left office by 2pm and drove home to get my Spanish CD set. It took me too long to realize that I should make my study investment by at least purchasing a language learning set since it was tough to manage time for classes. It was at moment like this that I felt blessed having a high-pay job, thus I can get what I want at freedom, no luxuries, but books are definitely necessary.
The drive to West Virginia was again pretty long and hot along the way, enduring physical pain, I admire myself for sticking to the end. 
Friday - 4th of July
One world cup game at noon, France Vs. Germany, became a little bit boring since France was not playing very well. But it was interesting that we had to watch the commentator in Spanish as most of the English and Chinese channels were not free. I was silently hoping that one day I can interpret all those comments.
Later that day, I had a chat with mum, who was worrying so much over the fact that I drove the long distance over again. She was being critical about bmp not have gone to Cincy to visit me. I made the choice myself, having a place to clear my mind and have a nice change, which mum didn't understand. It was an unhappy conversation, to either of us. Mom told me that I didn't understand her worries and I still have bmp to comfort myself in the worst case while she has no one. Unfortunately, that was true though I do understand her and I don't know what to say. There was no use feeling bad for anyone. If something can be done to change the situation, do it; if not, we need to learn to adapt and look on the bright side.
The Independence Day parade was just so-so, the new thing was that I've seen the home-coming queen of the recent years for the first time, pretty and elegant of course. A big lady who was sitting opposite street, turned out to be Disheng's advisor, Phd from UC Berkeley. I was startled by the fact that she was very beautiful years ago but can change so much as time went by. We went our separate ways afterwards. Not having friends by side was disappointing sometimes, but having bmp by my side made everything not so tough. Therefore, I was happy to continue our holiday night alone. Sitting by the river side with sunshine, I was hoping for more times like this.
Still feeling sick, we had to skip the fireworks show. This was the first July 4th I've spent without fireworks, maybe another thing to celebrate.
By Friday night, I was still happy about the vocation days ahead of me. This time, I had five days to spend in Morgantown.
Saturday Highlight
In the afternoon, we headed to the gym to meet with Ivy and Dr. Li. Ivy was a cute girl with such a good temperate. Bmp had a special preference for her I guess since he took her home the next day after she was born. She was happy to go out with us alone without her father, and we took her to the see the color fishes in the pond beside the gym. Hearing bmp speaking of her over the phone so many times, I was happy to play with her when I was in Morgantown. After a while, I was somewhat bored, which made me think will I be bored playing with my own kids in the future as well. If that is the case, staying-at-home mum is not a role for me. Haha, who knows?
By 7pm, we arrived at the soccer field. Reading "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by the soccer field and watching them playing now and then made me happy plus the fresh air. Xiaomeng and his wife came in the end to rescue one team playing the goal-keeper. The first time I met with them, his wife was preparing for her TOEFL test. She also had the intention to study in the education field with her previous background in Electrical Engineering. She told me that she would go to study in the school library at times and worked in the Chinese restaurant "Lavender" during the day. It was a low-pay job but a good thing to keep one moving. However, she was still trying to make herself study which she was not in the right mood for. Anyway, this was a nice couple. She asked me to play soccer together. I had to refuse looking at the slipper I was wearing, but I expressed by interest to do that in the future. Always, I like watching the soccer team running on the green field. Maybe it would be a wonderful thing to try out as well. Looking forward to those days.
Sunday in Pittsburgh
Finishing up my HJ work in the morning, we were ready to start our Pittsburgh trip. Taking a second walk at the Golden triangle where three rivers met was very different from the last time we went together with Shimeng. I noticed that the fountain water was somewhat yellowish after Disheng brought it out, maybe due to the cloudy and rainy weather. Trying to beat the football fan crowd, we run to the Tokyo Buffet pretty soon, which was the highlight I've been waiting for. Food there was of high quality especially the fresh sashimi. I also noticed this time that the boss who was a Chinese was a really nice person. He told us to eat more in a very friendly tone. When we came out with a full stomach, he asked where we were students or employees. When one of them said that we were still in school, the boss replied that we should start working early to make more money and there seems to be no ending for school life. I was thinking, if I was still in school at this time, I would feel bad hearing this, definitely. Having a chance to experience work life, was absolutely worth it.
Before darkness, we took a famous incline to arrive at a mountain top, where we can overlook the whole Pittsburgh. It was an interesting place with the statue "Point of View" depicting Washington having a serious talk with the Seneca leader about the destiny of Pittsburgh. That neighborhood was not a rich one as I would think, but with some interesting-look houses. Sitting at the outlook place overlooking Pittsburgh at night, the highway lighten up, the river crossings and occasional fireworks from the holiday leftover, I didn't want to leave. Three years ago, night city view as grand as this, would definitely touch the bottom of my heart. However today, I still cannot totally forget about the leftover work pressure and was somehow constrained. Despite all these, I had a great time. Bmp said that it was worthwhile whatever made me happy.
Another week is on its way, a short one since I have time off until Wednesday afternoon. Therefore, I can encourage myself later.
My friends, I really don't want this to end. However, we always have to end this current thing to welcome what's waiting for us in the future.

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